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Suzanne J Lawson

Having healed herself from a

sufferer of gynaecological pain all her life, going undiagnosed for almost 30 years, Suzanne now provides support for women of all ages.

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Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Reiki Master

Crystal Healer


1:1 Yoga in person or on line

Holistic Treatments

Coaching advice and support

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Client Testimonials

"Suzanne is a fantastic yoga teacher. I have had several one to one sessions tailored for me"


Alex Mac

“For the first time I feel connected to my body”

Heather Nyoni

“Suzanne is brilliant at explaining the why!”

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Discover the art of self

To understand your own body and connect with the very essence of your organs, bones and beyond is utterly lifechanging. Whether you’ve done a yoga class before, delved into holistic wellness, dabbled with crystals, essential oils or not, Suzanne can guide you through a transformative and therapeutic lifestyle.

Wellness to Womb

An on-line global program offering various training and 1:1 coaching programs designed with you in mind. Check out our designated website below.


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